Do I Need a Blog for My Business? (Yes and Here’s Why!)

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I get it. There are a TON of bells and whistles in the digital marketing world. From Tik Tok, to newsletter funnels, podcasting, and live-streaming video, it can be enough to just want to ignore it all! But blogging for your business is not a bygone marketing concept. It’s most definitely not a bell or a whistle. It’s actually quite opposite. A blog on your business website is an incredibly important marketing cornerstone. If you want to build and establish a solid foundation and online presence, you absolutely do need a blog for your business. It is literally one of the most effective ways to help prop up your online presence––for the long run.

So, if having an online presence for years to come is something you’re interested in, then read this. Here are 10 massively important reasons to consider adding a blog to your business website (or reviving it!).

1. Blogging will help your website rank higher in search (SEO!)

It’s not super sexy to start with SEO, but this is probably one of the very best reasons to start blogging for your business. And I’ll start with this stunner of a stat: Having a blog increases your chances of ranking higher in search by 434% (TechClient). In other words, having a blog for your business lays the groundwork for an effective SEO strategy. Why? Because the posts you publish on a blog give you an opportunity to rank on competitive keywords in your industry. 

Insider Secret: The big, established wedding websites might be able to outrank you on larger search terms like “colorado wedding planners” and “wedding invitation wording.” But YOU and only you, have the power to outrank them on super valuable, LOCAL terms. I’m talking about phrases that pertain directly to your business. (For example, “outdoor tented weddings in Telluride, Colorado.”) Ranking on hyperlocal and specific terms also means that you’ll be able to find the people who are truly interested in getting married or planning an event in your area. (Talk about qualified traffic!)

2. If you blog consistently, your traffic will get even better over time.

The SEO nerds of the world call it “compounding” traffic and it’s literally the same concept as compound interest. The only difference is that instead of money, we’re talking about visitors to your site. (Btw, extra site traffic should have a positive impact on your bottom line!) In other words, if you blog consistently, you will see initial traffic gains. You’ll also benefit from compounding benefits of having that blog live on your site over time. In fact, one compounding blog post generates as much traffic as six regular posts combined! (Stat via HubSpot

One note: Not all blogs compound in the same way–about 1 in 10 blog posts compound. That’s why it’s so important to blog consistently over time. 

Insider Secret: The most established websites with hundreds (if not thousands) of articles and links benefit from compound traffic. If you look at their top website pages that bring in the most traffic, that traffic is oftentimes coming from a very small set of articles that were written five to seven years ago! 

3. A blog will help to establish you as a real expert at what you do. 

Think about it this way: You may have gone to my Instagram page or perused my website. And maybe you thought, “cool, this woman is offering content services and seems to know something about digital content creation and websites.” But now you’re reading this article all about the ins and outs of having a business blog. And if I’ve done my job, you now know that I have deep knowledge on the topic of blogging and content creation for businesses––especially as it pertains to the weddings and events industry. So here’s my advice to you: decide what exactly it is that you are known for or want to be known for in your industry. Then write about that. And be as specific as possible! 

Insider Secret: This need for specificity is especially important if you’re trying to get noticed by the press. With hundreds of inbound emails and messages, it can be nearly impossible to stand out in an editor’s inbox. But if you introduce yourself specifically in a way that plays up exactly what it is that you are best at, you are FAR more likely to be remembered and seen as an expert. Even better, if said editor lands on your blog and sees a series of articles and content written on your specialty, they may end up turning to you as a reliable resource on the topic! 

4. A blog for your business gives you content that you can use to regularly engage your audience. 

Engaging and sharing consistently with your followers and audience is key to a healthy social media strategy. So many people love to post and share their work to social. But it’s so much better to share from a blog. In fact 95.9% (basically all of them!) of bloggers promote their blog posts on social media. That’s because they know that blogging is one of the best ways to engage an audience and drive traffic back to your site. 

Insider Secret: Brand sites with comprehensive social media strategies rely heavily on their blogs and article content. That way, they have something to help consistently engage their social media followers. Blog content also gives them posts that they can schedule ahead of time. That, in turn, lets them focus on the real-time social posts. 

5. More Blog Posts = More Traffic

One of the ways search engines determine whether your website is relevant, is by regularly publishing high-quality blog posts that pertain to the topics you want to be known for. Statistically speaking, once you publish 21-54 blog posts, your traffic can increase by as much as 30%. With a handful of compounding blog posts, your traffic will only go up from there. (If you REALLY want to nerd out, here’s Google’s Search Quality Evaluator guidelines.)

Insider Secret: Not all of your blog posts have to be long novels loaded with search terms and phrases. In fact, most of them can be on the shorter side (500-800 words). At a bare minimum, a good rule of thumb is to have your blog posts to be at least 300 words. 

6. Your business blog is a great way to build an online relationship with your clients and future ones! 

By having a blog, you are giving your clients a place to discover who you really are. And the more conversational the better. If you’ve done your job of creating posts that are a real reflection of what you’re all about, your clients are going to feel like they know you. Also, 90% of consumers believe that companies producing custom content are interested in building long-term relationships with them. Source: TMG

Insider Secret: Consider featuring “real stories” (real weddings if you’re in the weddings industry) to help prospective clients picture themselves as your clients. The more you can help illustrate what it looks like to be your clients, the better!

7. Blogging is WAY more affordable (and effective) than paid advertising.

Traditional marketing channels (aka, listings and paid search campaigns) cost on average 62% more than blogging and content marketing. And, get this: Blogging and content marketing generate 3X the amount of leads than paid search. (Source: DemandMetric

Let that math sink in. Then divvy up your marketing spend accordingly.

Insider Secret: Listing your business on a larger website is a great way to help with your page rank. Why? Because those sites are bigger and linking to you, that larger site is sending a signal to Google that you are the business you say you are. BUT also know this: those other sites are reaping massive SEO benefits from having your precious images, copy and content on their sites. So be choosy with your time and money. 

8. You can use your business blog posts to sell new ideas or concepts. 

Whether you’re adding a new type of service or you have a crazy new idea to share, your blog is the place to talk about it. In fact, 60% of people buy a product after originally reading a blog post about it.

Insider Secret: Use your blog as an opportunity to solidify yourself in a new market. For example, small, intimate wedding packages have become a hot new service offering among wedding professionals. Many businesses have added it to their home page and list of services. Many of them have not blogged or written about it. Total missed opportunity! A blog is a great place to illustrate and explain what this new service really looks like. And all they needed to do was create a blog post or two on the topic!

9. Having a blog for your business is a great way to grow your email list. 

You can have a newsletter without a blog, but that’s like having a house without a foundation. A blog gives you a spot to send your subscribers to. Fun fact on the topic of newsletters: businesses that blog experience twice as much email traffic as businesses who don’t. 

Insider Secret: Building out a newsletter list is one of the best ways to grow your social media reach and followers. In fact, blog posts are 3.5x more likely to get shared by email subscribers. Shares are like gold in the social media world. Why? Because they help push your content out to an entirely new network.  

10. Blogging for your business provides you with a permanent place to showcase your past work.

Whether you’re a photographer with a ga-zillion gorgeous images or DJ, consider blogging a way of preserving the work that you’ve done. As we have come to find out, blogs, magazines and brands come and go. It’s not enough to assume that just because your work has been featured, it’s going to stay that way. Blogging creates a failsafe. It gives all of your beautiful work and past creations a forever home. And you, and only you have the power to remove or update that content. 

Insider Secret: Blogging about your work doesn’t have to be all-consuming. In fact, there’s a real formula to blogging about photo-driven events and weddings. Once you understand how to do that, you’ll spend a LOT less time producing and writing.

Last Bit of Blogging Advice…

Okay now that I’ve hopefully thoroughly convinced you to start blogging, I need you to hear me out on this last bit: Your blogs should not be there to take up space on the internet. Your blog is there to complement your business, show off your work, and help others understand how you do what you do best. Most of all, it should be there to help educate your potential clients about you and your expertise! 

So please please whatever you do, don’t run off and outsource your blog to a random SEO company that doesn’t understand the weddings industry. Don’t hand it right over to an intern that doesn’t understand your voice and tone. Instead, take the time to learn a little bit about what makes a great blog post. Once you’ve gone through the steps of learning what that looks like, then decide how you’re going to get it done for your business. 

And seriously, if all else fails, reach out! I have a team of great (experienced wedding industry!) writers who can help. 

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