5 Tik Tok and Instagram Reel Videos for Wedding Businesses (Examples!)

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Instagram Reel videos for wedding businesses

Before I show you all of the amazing Tik Tok and Instagram Reel videos for wedding businesses, I want to take a very quick moment to implore you to not just scan this article. Vow to take action and create your own. Why? Whether you’re using Tik Tok for your wedding business already or you’re a total video novice, engaging video content is one of the very best ways to tell your story on social media today. It’s engaging, it’s personal, it’s fun. Not only that, Instagram Reels and Tik Tok videos are much easier to create than super well-produced marketing videos (read: you don’t need a full video production team to make it happen).

And don’t take it from me. Take it from people like Nayri of Lovella Bridal. Nayri is in charge of her bridal salon’s brand presence. During quarantine, she decided to start creating Tik Tok videos and today, some of those videos have millions of views! Not only that, brides from all over the country are seeking out Lovella because of their fun engaging, popular content!

One of Nayri’s biggest tips to getting started as a wedding business? Start by watching lots of other Tik Tok and Instagram Reel videos to get a sense as to what other people are doing. And don’t just look at businesses in your industry. Look outside of it because that’s where you’re bound to find really great ideas that will stand out!

Once you’ve watched and gotten a sense as to what’s out there, think about you and your brand. You may not feel comfortable becoming a video star but it’s really not about that. It’s about expanding your brand and reach in helpful (and hopefully fun!) ways. From teaching your audience (and future prospective couples) how you do what you do, to showing them your favorite ideas and even helping them picture themselves working with you, here are five tried-and-true video story formats that you can use as a wedding business owner to get started…

1. Teach Them About What It Really Takes To Do What You Do (Behind-The-Scenes)

From wedding photographer @abbyjiu


2. Highlight Your New Products (Or Recent Creations!)

From @LovellaBridal (starring Nayri of @weddingfashionexpert)

3. Make An Instructional Video (But Make It Personal and Use Your Voice!)


4. Highlight Your Favorite [Venues/Places to Photograph/Places to Plan a Wedding/Destinations]



5. Create a Connection by Telling A Story of the Client Experience

From @joserolonevents


Fun right? Okay now before you run off to create an Instagram Reel or Tik Tok video for your business, let me leave you with several tips — all gleaned from my conversation with the lovely Naryi:

5 Top Tips for Creating Tik Tok and Instagram Reel Videos for Wedding Business

1. Try creating your videos on Tik Tok and then re-promoting them on your Instagram page. 

As it stands right now, you may have trouble adding music and sound to your Instagram Reels from a business account. So instead do what other businesses are doing and create yours on Tik Tok. Then, download those videos to your phone and re-upload them as videos to your Instagram page.

2. Cross-promote!

Know that it might work better on one platform than another — that’s especially true for those of you who already have a significant following on Instagram.

3. Watch For Trends

New trends in music, story formats, jokes and editing styles pop up all the time on Tik Tok. Take advantage! If you’re watching a trending hashtag, think critically about it and ask yourself: How could I translate this to my industry or my audience?

4. Use Your Analytics

The numbers don’t lie. So take advantage of your insights tab on Instagram and watch those engagements on Tik Tok to uncover the types of things that your audience is really into. Once you’ve discovered what those things are, give them more of what they want by creating lots of new content using that same framework!

5. Stay Open-Minded and Keep Experimenting

Videos — be it live, produced, edited together into a reel — are an incredibly engaging way to grow and build your audience. So stay open-minded. Experiment. If you’re shy about all of this, jump in and start creating videos on Tik Tok. You can even keep them private at first if you’re super paranoid! And know this: You don’t have to be a Tik Tok or Instagram Reel sensation but putting in a little effort and creating videos like these a time or two will in the very least show your audience and future prospective couples that you understand their world!


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