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During her tenure at The Knot as editor and site director of TheKnot.com, Anja led an editorial team to grow the site from 7 million to 11.8 million monthly unique visitors. The Knot Instagram also grew to over 1 million followers. As director of wedding industry education, Anja also launched a series of social media and marketing workshops to sold-out audiences across the country designed to help wedding businesses elevate their brands. 

"I believe that building and growing a memorable, engaging brand is all about tapping into your story and finding ways to authentically connect with the clients and audience right for you."

Recently Anja relocated with her husband and little girl, Ada, from Brooklyn, New York to Kansas City, Missouri and launched EIC Media.

Anja also continues to speak around the country and globe, educating small business owners on how to better position their brands and connect with their GenZ and millennial audiences. 

Recognized by Ad Week as Chief Innovator of The Knot, helping small wedding businesses connect with a social savvy audience.

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Press & Awards

"Meet Anja Winikka, The Knot's Chief Innovator" 


"Best brand on Instagram!"


"The Knot salvages 2,300 weddings on Facebook"

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Molly McCauley

"From our very first talk, I knew Anja cared about my story. She listened with genuine interest and picked up the nuances of my voice. She was able to create copy for my brand that reflected my personality and elevated my business to a luxury level."

Founder, Molly + Co. Photography

Leslie Price

"Anja's analysis and insights offered a fresh perspective, not only on how my brand was communicating but also how to be authentically me. I'm more confident with each post."

Founder, In Any Event NY

Michelle Norwood 

"Anja took the time to get to know me and the way I speak and the terminology I use. She created copy that is who I am as a business owner, a women and a relatable person. I could not be happier with everything she created."

Founder, Michelle Norwood Events

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Whether you're looking for a new personal brand bio and press tips to get  more visibility, website copy, or blogging and Pinterest services to help with SEO and increase your page rank, it all starts with you and your brand story. 

In our first call, we'll talk about you and your story and brand goals. If applicable, we'll also look over your analytics reports to understand exactly what is happening with your traffic.   

Brand story in hand, we'll get to work executing on your copy and content plan. 

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