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Why is crafting your brand story for your business so darn important? For one: Your clients, and your future clients, are inundated with marketing messages and a compelling brand story is a way of cutting through the noise and connecting with them. Another reason to nail your brand story (and this is especially true for […]

crafting brand story for your business

Finding ways to get press for your business does not have to involve a fancy press release, nor should it. Yep, you read that right. What does it involve? Last week, I sat down to talk all about these changes with Stephanie Cain, an NYC-based journalist covering food, wine and weddings for a variety of […]

get press for your business

Let me get right to it: If you want to be seen and heard online, you need an authentic brand story for your business. I’m talking about a unique message that connects your values and your mission (ie, why you do what you do) with your clients’ needs, their fears and deepest desires for their […]

brand story for businesses

How to write and sound like yourself? The writing process veers wildly between caffeinated euphoria and self-loathing. At first, the words are flowing. You’re thinking that maybe it was you who was meant to write The Next Great American Novel. Then, you hit “enter” and you’re completely stuck. One YouTube home workout, three reheated cups […]

Before I show you all of the amazing Tik Tok and Instagram Reel videos for wedding businesses, I want to take a very quick moment to implore you to not just scan this article. Vow to take action and create your own. Why? Whether you’re using Tik Tok for your wedding business already or you’re […]

Instagram Reel videos for wedding businesses

Looking for “How to Get More Press for Your Business“? It’s right here! How to get weddings featured in Harper’s Bazaar? As a former editor, I’ll tell you this: Editors are cut from the same cloth in the sense that we’re very headline-driven, we’re obsessed with understanding our audience, and we know a thing or two […]

How to blog real weddings stories? Let me tell you a little story about that… My name is Shelby and I’m a freelance writer. Early on in my editorial career, I took a job in New York City at a large wedding publisher as a real weddings editor (working with Anja!). My day-to-day entailed producing […]

how to blog real weddings

I have a confession: For the first few years working as an editor at a weddings magazine and website, I didn’t feel like I was really a part of the weddings and events industry. That’s not to say that during those early years I didn’t love the planners I interviewed for articles across the country, […]

7 lessons weddings industry

If you haven’t heard of the Live Events Coalition, it’s time you did. The group–created just this past spring in light of the pandemic and its affects on the live events industry–has two major goals. Its first goal is to provide support and resources to the live events industry community. Its other goal: to call […]

Big news: Instagram just announced their new “reels” feature and it looks a lot like Tik Tok! And it’s no surprise. Tik Tok has been gaining momentum over the past year with new demographics. Whereas it originally started out as a platform popular for younger junior high and high schoolers (Gen Zers), Millennials are now […]