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From an editorial calendar with a blog strategy that reinforces your expertise (and drives organic SEO traffic) to social media captions that really work to engage your audience, we’re here for it. We can also create a new personal bio that's totally ready for the press and those upcoming speaking engagements.

blogging, Bios & press strategies


We'll do the competitive SEO keyword research to ensure your site is set up for success. Then, using your brand story and voice guidelines, we'll craft brand-new website copy that is unique to you and that speaks directly to your client roster and target audience.

webSite copy &
SEO Strategy


We’ll get personal–from your voice and tone to the values that drive you and meaningfully connect you to your business. Your brand story in hand, we'll craft a new tag line, social media bios, and copy for all of your digital marketing listings–to ensure you're telling that same story across all of your digital marketing channels. 

Brand messaging & brand guidelines


brand strategies for experienced pros

brand story, SEO, Website copy, blogging

Leslie Price

"Anja's analysis and insights offered a fresh perspective, not only on how my brand was communicating but also how to be authentically me. I'm more confident with each post."

Founder, In Any Event NY

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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Maybe you threw your site together years ago and never looked back or perhaps you're re-launching your website with a fancy new template and design. Authentic copy that speaks to you and your brand is vital to establishing a relationship with your potential clients.  You're looking for:

+ A brand story that establishes why you are the right fit for your clients
+ Home page copy that relays your approach and philosophy 
+ About copy that's personal and on-brand 
+ Services website copy that combines your offerings with your values (never cheesy or too sales-y)
+ A well-crafted bio that combines your unique story with all of your past accomplishments–for the press and speaking engagements

A brand story & Website copy that speaks volumes

I'm looking for

We'll work with you to develop a clear and focused website, blogging, SEO, and social media strategy that engages your audience and reinforces your story and brand values. 

+ A step-by-step plan to update and elevate your online presence (while ensuring your brand story is told in the most authentic way)
+ Analytics reports to help you understand where visitors are coming from and what they're doing on your website
+ A blogging strategy that takes your unique brand story into account and reinforces your expertise––all while driving traffic 
+ Social media, video & newsletter strategies that align with your expertise and personality

a simple plan to Elevate My online presence

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Get serious about your website traffic and ranking with a solid SEO, blogging and Pinterest strategy. Bonus: Blogging on the regular also gives you expert klout on the topics that matter most to you and your ideal audience. 

+ A blogging content lineup that speaks to your brand story and search terms to give help increase your page rank
+ Blog posts that sound like you and your brand, drive traffic, and elevate your story and expertise 
+ Pinterest captions and scheduling so that your images are properly optimized and driving traffic back to you
+ Social media captions to take care of that writer's block
+ Custom email templates to ensure your messaging is cohesive

Blogging, Bios & 
Press Strategies

I'm looking for

You don't have to know exactly what it is you need just yet. I'm here to help you figure out that too. Book a time to chat about you and your brand goals below–I'd love to get to know you! 

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